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My Pop Died.

When my friend’s daughter¬† joined a professional college, she made a few new friends. Since their classes started by 8 am every morning, the friends would ring each other up at around 6 am, kind of like a wake-up call, … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Was Not Afraid Of Snakes.

My friend Kavitha had two sons, Raju and Premu.(All names changed.) Raju was getting into so many “situations” as a boy, that Kavitha¬† wonders how he grew up to manhood, without getting maimed or killed, by all his atrocious activities. … Continue reading

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Can You Steal From Your Teacher?

Can you steal from your teacher? How despicable is that. My cousin lived in an apartment complex. There were about 45 apartments there. In one of the apartments there was a lady who was good at crochet, knitting, embroidery and … Continue reading

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Two Sisters and Four Babies.

It is a very sad story. But sadness is part of life , right? There were once two sisters, who loved each other very much. The sisters got married around the same time and lived well. The elder sister had … Continue reading

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