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This Is How We Got Married.

When  I was a young lad,  I fell in love with a girl and have remained besotted with her since then. Even to  this day, even though I am more than fifty years old. Luckily for me, she is my … Continue reading

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Do Parrots Have Feelings Too?

My cousin told me this story. Her tone, her expression, her concern when she was narrating it  made the tale so poignant for me, that I had to share it on my blog. But I don’t know if I can … Continue reading

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When Abramo Krishnan came to live in Tuticorin.

I must tell you the story of Abramo Krishnan” my cousin from Tuticorin told me excitedly, when I was telling her about my blog, Talkalittledo. “Abramo Krishnan? Seems a strange name.” I said, getting interested. Abramo was nine years old … Continue reading

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Is This A Miracle?

A few months ago, my sister ran into a friend who was an active member of a social service organisation.  Being my sister, she could not but help tell her about my blog Talkalittledo, where I post unique real-life stories of … Continue reading

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Your Life Can Change Completely In A Fraction Of A Second!

“The moving finger writes. Having writ moves on…Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.” Poignant lines by Omar Khayyam! “Very true,” say my son and daughter in law. And here is why: My son and his family … Continue reading

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All You Need Is Love.

Who does not like the super-duper hit Tamil movie named Bombay? In this film, a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy fall in love and marry against all parental opposition and attempt to live happily ever after. They have two … Continue reading

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I Think Of You Everyday My Friend.

Manoharan and Johnny were the best of friends. You cannot help forging the deepest of love and respect, when you had to march all the way from India to Burma during the Second World War. They were soldiers in the … Continue reading

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