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Grandmother’s Diamonds Are For Ever. (Part Two)

You must have learnt from the previous story, about Rati’s Ammama. Married at nine and widowed at twenty-one. Even in these modern times, being a widow, holds a subtle indignity and disgrace. During Ammama’s times, it was  terrible to be … Continue reading

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Grandmother’s Diamonds Are For Ever. (Part One)

A beautiful diamond ear ring sparkles in Rati’s ears. Though small, it dazzles despite its age and brightens up her face. The studs were her grand mother’s gift to her mother on her wedding. They were presumed lost once, but … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Came To Her House To Help Her Celebrate.

It was the festival of Krishna Jayanthi. People who worshiped Lord Krishna  were celebrating the deity’s birthday with much gaiety and happiness. Only Manjula was sad that day. Manjula was a person whom other women could describe in all truthfulness … Continue reading

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Selecting A Bride

Though I had studied in a co-education institution and later worked in a multinational company, I had not fallen in love with any girl. When I turned  twenty seven without a bride in the offing, it was my mother’s lot … Continue reading

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Is There Life After Death?

When my sons were in the primary school, I was a member of the ‘Parent-Teacher’ association. It was quite a friendly group of parents who got together with the teachers a few times a year and discussed school matters and … Continue reading

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The Grandmother’s Decision- Right Or Wrong?

As a child my relative’s daughter grew up in her grandmother’s house. Her mother had died when she was young and her father had remarried. The grandmother had taken responsibility of the girl and even though they belonged to a … Continue reading

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How She Became Literally Speechless

  When you ask people in their sixties or seventies for some unforgettable event that happened in their lives or in their families, they don’t think for a long time. They always have a plethora of stories to tell you. … Continue reading

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