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My Tryst With The Occult.

When I was around sixteen or seventeen, neither a child, nor yet a man, I had my first experience with the occult. It was on a fiery afternoon, when the sun was burning pedestrians, vehicles and tar, I was at … Continue reading

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The Story Of How They Got Their Watch Back

Suja’s mother was in an irritated mood that morning. The woman who used to come everyday to sweep their yard had been absconding for a few days and the premises looked unkempt and messy. Guessing that the regular maid was … Continue reading

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Real Comedy Of Errors.

This happened to my friend and her sister when they went to visit  their brother in USA. The elite area where their brother lived had not been provided with so much entertainment as this before and the two sisters became … Continue reading

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Grandmother’s Red Chillies.

  In our home town deep in the south of India, people believed  in the powers of the evil eye. When your life was all smooth sailing and suddenly  calamities appear to rock your boat then it was assumed that … Continue reading

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