The Boy Who Came To Her House To Help Her Celebrate.

It was the festival of Krishna Jayanthi. People who worshiped Lord Krishna  were celebrating the deity’s birthday with much gaiety and happiness.

Only Manjula was sad that day.

Manjula was a person whom other women could describe in all truthfulness as “a very nice lady.”

She had no children even after many years of marriage. Though she longed for a child, she did not go about with a forlorn face. She was quiet and unassuming and always portrayed a happy demeanor.

But that festival day, her husband had scolded her early in the morning for an imagined fault. He had stomped out of the house  with out wishing her or having breakfast. Manjula felt very bitter and lonely and she lost all interest in doing anything significant that day.

She neither bathed nor wore new clothes. But feeling guilty about ignoring the deity on an auspicious day, she made some kheer (sweet dish) and left it before Lord Krishna’s statue in her hall. Then she lay in her bed covering herself from head to foot with a blanket and carried on an imaginary conversation with the deity in her mind.

“Lord, I am facing so many disappointments in my life. I worship you devoutly every day. Yet on this day, you have made me more unhappy then ever. If my piety is true, show me a sign to make me get up from this bed and worship you today.”

She lay in bed crying silently. A few minutes passed by.

Then she heard the sound of  steel plates crashing on the marble floor in her hall. Jostled out of her indifference, Manjula rushed out.

There sitting on the floor, before the statue of Lord Krishna was:


A bonny baby Krishna, cute and smiling, wearing silk clothes, and a peacock feather in his hair.

And he was gulping down the kheer that she had kept before his statue. When he saw her, he drank the kheer hurriedly, gave a naughty satisfied smile and came running to her and hugged her around her legs.

For many minutes Manjula’s world stopped.

Then bending down, she picked up the child and rained kisses on his face, hands and hair, even as the boy’s mother came looking for him.

For indeed, it was the boy who lived in the first floor of her house. He had dressed up as Lord Krishna for his kindergarten school competition that day and had come into her house to show off his costume.

But for Manjula, her day was made. She had got the sign she wanted.

It was as if Lord Krishna himself had come in person and was mocking her for her childishness in refusing to accept the significance of that day.

Manjula dried her tears. She blessed  the child and gave him sweets and money and  his mother, she presented the beautiful saree she had bought to wear that day.

Then she went ahead to celebrate the festival in all earnestness and religious fervor

P.S: I need not add that Krisna Jayanthi that year was extra special in Manjula’s house.


Image By Nina Garman from Pixabay

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7 Responses to The Boy Who Came To Her House To Help Her Celebrate.

  1. Usha Umesh says:

    The story is simple,short and good.

  2. Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan says:

    V nicely penned as if even a small child can understand pls continue writing God Bless u my dearest friend

  3. Vimali says:

    Superb. My eyes were filled with emotional tears. Keep going in writing touching stories

  4. Thank you Viji, Usha and Vimali for your comments.

  5. Pramila Sriram says:

    Very well written. God bless you.

  6. Vimla says:

    Awhhh…such a common thing that happened those days right. I believe my mom was also engaged. That’s why she eventually married at the age of 29 😟

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