The Sad Tale Of How He Gave Up Drinking.

Ravi was an alcoholic. A terrible one at that. He was always in an inebriated state, which saddened his wife Pooja very much.

Pooja ran from addiction cure centers to psychiatric clinics to God men. But no one could stop Ravi from hitting the bottle every day.

Pooja and Ravi had been married for more than ten years. But Pooja had not been able to conceive. Under the influence of alcohol, Ravi would insult Pooja and blame her for his perpetual tipsy state.

Whenever she asked Ravi,”Why are you always drunk?” he would reply callously, “You  have not given me a child. The day you have a baby, I will stop drinking.”

These were his oft repeated words. “On the day you give birth to my child, I will stop drinking.”

Pooja, believed her husband’s words, even though he imbibed more and more of the toxic stuff and showed no signs of slackening.

She thought that if she gave birth to his child, he would turn over a new leaf and stop drinking.

She coaxed her husband to take her to an expensive fertility clinic. The Gods were with her and she finally managed to conceive.

Her parents took her to their house. They wanted to take care of her as she was weak both mentally and physically.

Ravi was happy too, that his wife had finally managed to conceive a child.  He  joined a alcohol de-addiction center and worked to give up his addiction.  But it was too late. Ravi’s health had begun to deteriorate. Chronic heavy drinking had led to cirrhosis of the liver, beyond medical help.

Pooja did not know that. When it was Pooja’s due date, she was taken to her maternity hospital. Ravi too had to be admitted at a hospital in a bad state.

Both huband and wife were in different hospitals, on the same day. One fighting for his life and the other trying to bring two lives into this world.

Pooja gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Even as her babies cries awakened her to the world of motherhood, Ravi had breathed his last. He had died without knowing that his wife had given birth to his children.

Pooja was not told the sad news for sometime. She excitedly asked her mother,

“Where is my husband?”

“He died this morning.”  Her mother broke the news to her in frightened tones.

I cannot describe in words, what took place then as the new mother howled and cried and her mother tried to console her.

Though convulsed with sobs, Pooja remembered her late husband’s oft repeated promise.

“On the day you give birth to my baby, I will give up drinking.”

“Is this what he meant, Amma?” Pooja wept ,” Even though an alcoholic, my husband was a good man. He will not drink anymore.”

“He has kept his promise.”

Story by M. Written by Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo.

Image courtesy:

rebbeccadavitt0 from Pixabay

OpenClipart-Vectore from Pixabay

ClkerFree-Vector-Images from Pixabay.

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