Man Proposes And God Disposes

This is a true story of Hajarma, which makes you wonder at the vagaries of life.

Hajarma’s husband had abandoned her when she was very young. She was not a rich woman. In fact she had no wealth except a small house which her mother had left her. She worked in a nearby businessman’s house and helped to bring up her two daughters with dignity. She educated them up to 12 standard and also sent them to the religious coaching classes. These two privileges had been denied to her when she was growing up.

When they came of marriageable age, she started looking out for suitable grooms, for both of them at the same time.

Her only wish was that they should marry two brothers. She wanted the sisters to support each other through thick and thin always.

She found two brothers through a marriage broker and got her daughters married. The sisters and their husbands lived together in her house and Hajarma was very happy to see their bonhomie and bonding. A daughter was born to both of them at around the same time.


A quote we often use randomly for very stupid reasons. It happened in Hajarma’s life in a horrible way.

Her youngest daughter’s husband died in a road accident, two years later.

Hajarma’s only wish in life was crashed even before it began.

But wait. The story does not end there. Though poor and uneducated, Hajarma came of a proud and resilient family. She never gave up on her daughters.

She determinedly chased away relatives who suggested this or that older widower in  his late fifties or sixties with grown up children as husbands for her widowed daughter.

“My daughter is only twenty two years old. Should she live a miserable life because fate snatched her husband away?” She would tell people who asked her about the bereaved girl.

Her determination paid off.

Hajarma once happened to go in a hired auto-rickshaw driven by a young man who belonged to a sect, whose members had all vowed to marry only widows or divorcees. Giving a honorable life to down trodden young women was their motto.

Hearing her story, the driver came forward to marry Hajarma’s widowed daughter with a young child, even though he had not been married before. After much cajoling, the reluctant widow agreed to marry the young man four years after her first husband had died.

Now the two sisters live peacefully just as Hajarma had longed for, in adjacent houses.

Not with two brothers but with two friendly and loving CO-BROTHERS.

Image by Sibani Das , ManojRauta from Pixabay.

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7 Responses to Man Proposes And God Disposes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank God! Happy ending… There are good people still around

  2. Devika says:

    The title should have been ‘When God closes one door He always opens another 🙂

  3. Di.ple says:

    Truly a valuable lesson to be learnt .
    However impossible never give up. God helps only those who help themselves.
    If He close one door He definetely opens another one only if you strive .

  4. Rizwana says:

    True. God has his ways to help. May God help the needy always.

  5. Vimali Thiagarajan says:

    Challenges in life should be faced boldly without any fear. Having faith in God and with his strong support man can achieve anything in this world. If one door us closed God always opens azad another door. We have to search and not get disheartened. Good gulsum.

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