Two Sisters and Four Babies.

It is a very sad story. But sadness is part of life , right?

There were once two sisters, who loved each other very much. The sisters got married around the same time and lived well. The elder sister had two baby girls, one after the other, very quickly, while the younger sister remained barren for many years.

The younger one became sad and depressed. The older sister, seeing her sibling’s unhappiness was very sad too. She prayed long and hard and did a lot of penance  to many deities to grant her sister a baby.

But it was the eldest sister who became pregnant again with a third child, while the younger one was not granted her wish.

“I will give this baby to you.” The pregnant woman said.

The older sister, feeling guilty or magnanimous, offered to give up her third child for adoption to her younger sister.

The younger sister, who had all but given up hope of conceiving, even after spending tons of money on doctors and various tests was happy.

But  this was not to be.

The older sister gave birth to a bonny baby boy. Her husband seeing a boy after two daughters, refused to let his wife give up their son for adoption.

The two sisters were were unhappy and a rift appeared between them. They almost stopped talking to each other.

Within a year, the older sister conceived again for the fourth time.

This time there was no talk of giving up the baby for adoption. When people asked the older sister, she replied,

“Let God’s will be done.”

The younger sister too told people who advised her to approach her sister,

“I don’t want to hope too much and then get disappointed.”

But she waited, hoping and yet not daring to hope too much.

The older sister went into labour. A baby girl was born to her.

But the mother DIED.

The older sister died at the age of thirty five, leaving behind three toddlers and a new born baby.

Family members took the wailing new born and put her in the younger sister’s hands.

A few months later, the older sister’s husband brought his motherless toddlers to his sister in law’s house.

There they remain to this day.

He went abroad on work deputation to forget his wife and earn his living.

People who talk about this happening always wonder at the working of God’s will.

Both the sisters prayed that the the younger one should get a child. But she got four at one go.

But what a SAD event that was!!


This real-life story was narrated by Mumtaz

Written by Gulsum Basheer@talkalittledo.

Image by Clkr-Free-Vector-Image by Pixabay

Image By Stephanie Ghesquier by Pixabay





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