Monkeys Do Not Like Gold And Cash.

ID-100300422Do monkeys like gold and cash? Apparently not! That proved lucky for one man and not so favourable for a few others.

Hyroon’s father was a teacher in a village school. His village was set in the foothills of the Eastern Ghats Mountains. It was a picturesque place, verdant, cool and peaceful.

Except for one menace.


Stray monkeys would descend on the village from time to time and be up to a lot of mischief.

Once, Hyroon’s dad had been paid his salary by the management. He put the money in a yellow cloth bag, which he always carried with him. It contained his spectacles, his lunch box and some examination papers, which he wanted to take home with him to scrutinise.

As he was walking towards his two-wheeler on which he used to drive home, a monkey swung by out of no where and whisked the yellow bag right out his hands and made off with it.

While Hyroon’s dad and few teachers stood aghast, the animal sat on a tree, peered into the bag and started inspecting the contents.

First came the spectacles, which the animal found uninteresting and let fall to the ground.

Then it was the empty lunch box.

Soon it would be the turn of the answer papers and then the sheaf of money.

The monkey would definitely not drop the papers, just like that. It would surely shred them into pieces.

Luckily for the unhappy man, another teacher had a smart idea. He hurried to the little shop outside the school and bought a bunch of bananas.

He placed the yellow bunch near the tree and the teachers pretended to walk away.

Immediately they heard a thud.

It was the sound of the bag falling down, with the money and papers and all.

In a twinkling of an eye, the imp of an animal had plucked the fruits from the ground and was back on its perch happily munching away, oblivious to anything else.

And Hyroon’s dad went home a richer man.

 Hyroon remembered this incident when she read a news item in today’s newspaper.

A few friends from Chennai got together and went to the Hogenakkal Waterfalls. They were rich businessmen and of the flamboyant type, wearing expensive rings, watches, bracelets and chains.

Just before they went into the water, they unclasped their jewels, put them into a bag and hid it among their clothes, which they had just removed. Their valuables were right in front of them They were hoping that no thief walked that way.

They never expected a little monkey to jump down from the trees and make off with the bag, right before their startled eyes.ID-100170950

Then the monkey did its monkey business.

Sitting on a comfortable branch, it opened the bag and peered in. Finding no eatables, it withdrew the jewels and disgustedly threw them, one by one into the Cauvery River.

Suddenly it was raining rings, watches, bracelets and chains into the surging waters.

The friends and other tourists jumped into the water and tried to retrieve the valuables.

According to the newspaper report, they got everything back except for a twelve sovereign chain, which the paper says might have been carried away by the current.

But my friend Hyroon thinks otherwise.

If someone found a gold chain in the riverbed, they would never return it.

She has one question.

Why should men wear so much gold?

PS: Guys and girls, please leave your expensive stuff locked up in the car or better still, leave them at home before embarking on a visit to a tourist spot.

A thief you never anticipated might literally jump down from the skies.

Story By: Gulsum Basheer @ Talkalittledo

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3 Responses to Monkeys Do Not Like Gold And Cash.

  1. I’m picturing the scrambling that must have ensued once the monkey got a hold of that bag. Moral of the story – have bananas handy 😉 Seriously though, agree with your suggestion.

  2. Alyssa Al Alawi, Dubai says:

    Haha! Brilliant writing indeed! I suspect I will be reading this more than once.

  3. TBM says:

    I’ve seen monkeys in Africa and they would steal anything. Quick thinking with the bananas.

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