All You Need Is Love.

ID-100233959Who does not like the super-duper hit Tamil movie named Bombay?

In this film, a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy fall in love and marry against all parental opposition and attempt to live happily ever after. They have two sons, whom they name Kabir Narayan and Kamal Basheer, a combination of Hindu and Muslim names.

 Recently I was on a visit to a small town in Tamil Nadu to see my aunt. She related a story to me about one of her neighbours which has a striking resemblance to the film Bombay.  This love story  happened 70 odd years ago, long before the director of the movie was even born.

The heroine of my aunt’s story is 93 years old now.

 In the late 1940s when medical student Shireen met Dorairaj, (names changed) it was not love at first sight. She was a petite Muslim girl, fair-skinned and having Urdu as her mother tongue.

Dorairaj was a strapping youth, tall and dark-complexioned. And he belonged to a very Tamil  close knit Hindu family.

 But love happened along the way. According to my aunt, Dorairaj helped Shireen’s father financially when he was going through a bad phase in his business. He also helped Shireen complete her medical course.

 When the two fool hardy lovers married, their families disowned them.

 Seventy years ago, it was no mean feat to walk out on your families and start life afresh. But this couple did.

 They had two sons who they named, Devan and Dawood (names changed) A Hindu name and a Muslim one, just like in the film.

 The movie Bombay ends when the sons are young. What did they grow up to be?

 But we know what happened to boys in my aunt’s story.

 Devan became a doctor like his mother and married a Hindu girl, also a doctor. Dawood took over his father’s business and married a Muslim girl of his mother’s choosing.

 And they all lived together happily and in harmony for many years.

Gulla Gulla Halla Gulla!!*

It was only a few years ago that Dorairaj died. Dr.Shireen, now 93 years old, lives in quiet retirement. I wonder what thoughts run through her mind as she dwells on her life.

 Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction and the story of  Dr.Shireen’s life reads like a movie script!

Story By : SF. Written By Gulsum Basheer@talkalittledo

*Gulla Gulla Halla Gulla is a song from the film, Bombay. It has no specific meaning. It is just a bunch of exclamations expressing joy.

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11 Responses to All You Need Is Love.

  1. Dr Hameed says:

    Don’t tel me the oooru u talkn here is Campbellabad.. Hahaha just kidding…

  2. Anonymous says:

    You come up with such amazing stories Gull.💖

  3. ZUBIN says:

    Good story puma! Going against all odds and following your heart is a tough thing to do irrespective of what generation you belong to. Really nice story! Appreciate the couple!

  4. ZUBIN says:

    Good story puma! You really need to be strong to go against all odds and follow your heart whichever generation you belong to. Good example and appreciate them for their success!!!

  5. Naushad says:

    Great story. Awesome ending. But me thinks that Dr.Shireen should sue Maniratnam. Today we have people suing directors and producer for stories they claim to be theirs but here we have Dr.Shireen (bless her) whose story is evidence. A few crores ought to do it don’t you reckon ?!?!? 😳😳😳😳

  6. DocWaz says:

    Puma, pick up all other stories that have not yet been made into movies!!! These stories will make better movies than the ones we get to see now!!!!

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