13078688-old-fashioned-mother-and-daughter-illustration-doll-on-white-backgroundWho should have been wary of the Boogey man? The mother or the child?

The baby was being adamant. She refused to eat dinner. The mother tried her utmost to cajole the baby and make her partake of the mashed rice, which she held in a steel bowl.

After some time she came out of the house and stood near the gate. She tried to entertain the two-year old by showing her the cycles and autos that were plying the road.

In the distance she saw a young man standing. She pointed him out to the child and warned, “See there. A boogeyman. If you don’t eat I will give you to him”

The child looked at him for a moment scared and took a mouth full of the rice. Then she was back to her tantrums. The mother kept pointing to the “boogeyman” and tried to force some rice into the child’s resistant mouth.

The man on the opposite side of the road watched this episode while he seemed to be talking on his mobile.

Then he crossed the road to approach them. The baby got panic-stricken and clung to her mother.

The intruder seemed friendly. He told the child, “Come on, open your mouth. Eat. Eat. There, there, that’s a good baby”13120489-cartoon-gangster--vector

The child obediently opened her mouth. The happy mother fed her a spoonful of rice.

While she was thus engaged, something unexpected happened. The stranger quickly pulled the gold chain the mother was wearing round her neck and sprinted off down the street,

The woman screamed and called out to the people inside her house. Her husband rushed out and gave the man a chase.

But from the next street a two-wheeler emerged and in a twinkling of an eye, the thief had got on the pillion and was rushed away.

The bike rider had been his accomplice, probably the guy to whom the crook had made the phone call before advancing towards innocent pair at the gate.

8886728-cute-baby-eats-with-a-spoon-from-a-bowlThe stranger had indeed been a villain. A boogeyman whom the mother should have been wary of, and not the child. 

Story By : T. Written By Gulsum Basheer@talkalittledo

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6 Responses to Boogeyman

  1. foziasaeed says:

    That’s awful, need to be wary of strangers more and more these days. Even if a stranger is genuinely being nice I can still be a bit a suspicious in case there is an ulterior motive.

  2. haja says:

    The mother should not have stood alone outside her house in the dark…anything could have happened.. i shudder to think on it.

  3. Mala says:

    Oh my God, how awful. Its time we stopped walking around with so much gold around our neck and hands.

  4. TBM says:

    Goodness, I wasn’t expecting that twist.

  5. Asiya Omar says:

    Thank you for making us aware of such incidents.

  6. Madhu says:

    What a nasty surprise! Serves the mother right though 🙂

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