Snowed In With Only Zee TV

ID-100208492Do you know what Diaspora means? Diaspora means movement of a population from their home country to foreign shores.

Our large Indian population settled in the US is a good example.

Diaspora communities  always maintain strong ties with their homeland and  sadly many of them do not get fully assimilated with their  host country.

A friend of mine visited us from the US after 12 years. She had many interesting stories to tell us relating to Diaspora communities.

For instance, take this Indian woman settled in Michigan. Let us call her Lata.

The young woman had been in the US for the past year and a half. But she still pretended that she was ‘back home.’

She chatted  incessantly online with her relatives in India. Though in the US, she watched ONLY Indian television channels. She was friendly with just the Indians in her city and made no attempts to mingle with the other nationalities settled in her area.

She had an Indian friend Sapna, who lived a few miles from her house who was just like her.ID-100128966

Once, the two women decided to meet at Sapna’s house.  Lata forgot to inform her husband about her intended visit. It was after all for a few hours and she would come back by the time he came home from work.

Lata dressed in her beautiful sari and drove to her friend’s house. The two friends chatted, cooked, drank umpteen cups tea and watched Zee TV which telecast Hindi sitcoms.

At 4PM, Lata said, “Your area seems very quiet. Not a sound of a vehicle outside”

Sapna replied, “It does seem kind of quiet and much too dark for 4pm.”

“I think I better get going, “ said Lata.

The women opened the front door.  A whole pile of SNOW greeted them.

Snow had been falling silently all afternoon and the roads and everything around was covered in a blanket of snow two to three inches thick. Even Lata’s car was under a sheet of snow

There was no way Lata was going home that day.

Lata got terribly agitated and called her husband.

When her husband heard that she was at her friend’s house, he was upset.

“Why did you go out, when an impending snow storm had been announced?”

“Snow storm?”

“All the TV channels are relaying the news, every few minutes. Did you not catch the news?”

“The news?”

“Did you not switch on the television the whole day?” Lata’s husband was amazed.

Lata, did not reply. How could she tell her husband that the Idiot Box had been switched on the whole day at Sapna’s house.

But the two friends had watched only Zee TV – their favourite Hindi channel.

PS: We did not know whether to laugh or feel angry with Lata who had made no attempt to check the local weather reports before setting out of home.

Story By : Saira. Written By: Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo

Photo Credit:Boians Cho Joo Young @

Photo Credit:debspoons @

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6 Responses to Snowed In With Only Zee TV

  1. haja says:

    This proves, east or west, home is best.
    Nice post Talkalittledo. Your stories are so different and interesting. Kudos.

  2. foziasaeed says:

    Lol, I know of aunties who are just the same.

  3. Fathima says:

    Michigan state is known to have snowfall even in the middle of March. Lata should have been more careful.
    I know of a lady who had lived in the US for more than twenty years who could not speak a word of English.

  4. Anne Chia says:

    This is really interesting. Sometimes I wonder why people migrate if they will make no attempt to open up to the communities in which they have found themselves. But I guess it is not that simple; the familiar is comforting. It happens with immigrant communities in the US who have migrated for economic reasons, and the so-called “expatriate” communities in developing countries who have also migrated for economic reasons. Both groups can sometimes live in a bubble and stay there without any real attempt at understanding the local culture/people.

  5. Meena says:

    Story sounds familiar to me. Well written, Gulsum.

  6. TBM says:

    Oh, poor thing. Moving can be difficult.

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