Poetic Justice.

This fiancé’s poems were highly expressive. How did he come up with such a composition week after week?

My parents fixed my wedding to a handsome young man. As was the custom in those days, we could not meet till after the wedding, which was to take place six months later.

There was no Internet then nor did we have mobile phones to surreptitiously contact one another.

We had to languish in our own houses looking at one another’s photographs and weaving dreams.

One day I received a letter from an unknown person. Yes, a hand written letter posted to me with postage stamps and all.

It was a letter from my fiancé.

On opening it excitedly, I found a long poem addressed to me. It was full of mushy stuff. My fiance was serenading me by post.

I was so thrilled that I read it over and over again. I feel embarrassed to reproduce the verse here, but it was typical filmy stuff, comparing me to the moon and my eyes to the stars and how the thoughts of me were keeping him awake all through the night. You get the idea?

I sent him a coy  reply thanking him for his lovely composition and adding delicately that I was looking forward to more such rhymes from him.ID-10070349

Our correspondence continued like this, with my fiancé sending me a letter with a poem every week.

A month before the wedding, the letters stopped coming. I was restless but could do nothing about it.

We got married on the appointed date with pomp and fanfare.

On my wedding night, when my husband and I were alone together at last, I could not help blurting out immediately:

“I loved all your poems. Why did you stop writing them?”

Looking very sheepish he replied:

“The poet who was writing these poems for me, had to go away… I don’t know how to write poems”

Story By : JR. Written By : Gulsum Basheer@talkalittledo

Photo Credit: Idea go@freedigitalphotos.net


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5 Responses to Poetic Justice.

  1. m.gargi says:

    tooooooo toooooo tooooo good yaar.I literally rolled down laughing !!!!!!

  2. Salma Singh says:

    Cute story.

  3. Alyssa Al Alawi, UAE says:

    Very cute story. This I why I love this blog!

  4. Caddo says:

    First, thanks for following me at Spumoni Caddo. This is an adorable story, and you seem just cuter than cute–with a fun blog! Wishing you well–God bless you BIG, love Caddo

  5. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Ahhh he meant well didn’t he?

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