Not Just A Mathematics Teacher.

mflh6BGHating a certain subject doesn’t entirely depend upon the contents. It also depends upon who’s teaching you and how you are taught. 

Usually people hate math. But I am not one of them. I love math.

I shouldn’t really brag, but I’m actually really good with numbers. Sometimes (by sometimes I mean very rarely) my friends call me Aryabhatta.

But I love the subject more because of Mr. Syed-ur-Rahman, our Math sir.

If you are in his class, math is fun.  You can trust me on this one.

Rahman sir is one of the tallest persons I’ve seen. Also, he is humorous, practical and an amazing teacher to top it off.

Sir tries his level best to keep the class in sync with him and make it lively and humorous as much as possible. He’s one teacher who feels the pulse of the students.

One day in class, Sir was teaching statistics. You just needed to know the formulas and  in statistics, it’s just addition and multiplication! So he asked us to finish up the exercise.

Now there are few things in math, which annoys me the most:

1.   Writing actual words in a sum. I prefer math when there are just numbers in it.

2.   Adding a bunch of huge numbers. You miss a number or do a small mistake, your whole answer goes wrong and you would have to do it all over again. It’s really frustrating when that happened.

We were in grade 11 then. Most of us in class brought our phones to school. Our phones really came in handy as calculators.

Sir found this boy using his phone for adding a bunch of numbers. Obviously, he didn’t have the brains to use it in a way that Sir could not find out.

Sir looked at us and asked, “Has anyone brought their phones to school today? There might be an inspection after break.”

We didn’t really fall for that trick, but all of us just shouted out random things.

“No sir. Not today!”

“My mom took away my phone last night!”

“Sir, I don’t even have a phone!”mi2Zavo

Obviously no one ‘surrendered’ his or her phone to sir.

Sir just gave a smirk and turned to answer a girl who had raised a doubt. Mean while, all the students tried to find ways to hide their phones, in case there really was an inspection.

The class continued to work on their math problems.

 After sometime, I noticed Sir with a phone in his hand. I was sure it wasn’t his, because he had a blackberry and that phone in his hand was Nokia.

He dialed a number, referring to his blackberry. Something seemed fishy.

But I just continued to add that set of ten 4-digit numbers.

All of a sudden, a boy sitting in the middle row ducked down. His phone was vibrating. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and whispered, ‘hello.’

There was no reply

I could guess it was an unknown number looking at his puzzled expression.

 The boy straightened up and found our 6-foot tall Math Master looking down on him with a grin.

It was Sir who had called that boy. He had been caught red handed.

We couldn’t stop laughing. Sir took the boy’s phone and put it in his pocket. He didn’t utter a word, while the students around that boy continued laughing.

Now, if it had been any other teacher, we all knew what would have happened next. The phone would have been handed over to the authorities; parents would have been called … the usual stuff.

But to our surprise NOTHING like that happened. Instead Rahman Sir returned the phone back to the boy at the end of the period.

He just said, “I know you won’t stop bringing your phones to school no matter how many times we warn you. So I’m just going to ask you all not to use it during class. Thank You.”

Wasn’t that magnanimous of him? Did I not mention that Rehman sir was the BEST!

PS: For some days we abstained from using our phones in class and then we were back to square one. You see our frequency with grown ups just does not match. So what ever they say we just listen but don’t dwell on it.

I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it when we become grown ups.

Guest Post By: Rumanaah Ruqaiyah. UAE.

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2 Responses to Not Just A Mathematics Teacher.

  1. haja says:

    That is a cute story and well written.

  2. TBM says:

    I can’t believe the kid answered the phone in class. I had a college professor who hated cell phones and if someone’s phone made a sound they were docked points.

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