Before And After

mY3YuniPlastic surgery can enhance your looks. But can it make you smarter?

We had a new student in college. He was from another city and he knew very few people in our class. In college we have this habit of hanging about in groups of five or six. He hung about with us and soon became part of our group. He was quite a naive and innocent boy which sometimes made him the butt of some of our jokes and riddling.

What we did not know was that he had undergone ‘orthognathic’ surgery  just before joining college.

‘Orthognathic’ is basically a plastic surgery done to correct an abnormal jaw and enhance your profile.

Once we were sitting with him in the canteen. When we were clearing the table for the waiter to serve our tea, he let fall his books by mistake. A photo fluttered out of his book. It was an old photo of his,  taken before the surgery. We picked up the picture and passed it around. He looked quite different in it.

When we commented on it, he said, “That was taken before my Orthognathic surgery.”nD47Rsc

Then he added, “I will bring a photograph of me taken after the surgery.”

“Why?” we asked him.

“So that you can see how different I look after the surgery”

We burst out laughing. He could not understand why and I had to update him:

Dude, we know how you look after the surgery. We are seeing you everyday!”

Story By : Anand, Mumbai. Written By : Gulsum Basheer@talkalittledo


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2 Responses to Before And After

  1. Very cute story, this level of innocence is hard to come by in today’s world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How very innocent he is! Actually we too do such things at times,totally unaware of our present position.

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