Kindergarten Activity.

o0DFLniBeing a kindergarten teacher is not easy. But I love my job and would not trade it for any other.

I am a teacher at a Kindergarten School where the kids are all aged between three and four years. The kids are pretty smart and clever for their age.

I am surprised at their intelligence, while even their innocence is charming.

One boy I will never forget is (I call him) Mr. Smarty-pants.

One day he threw up in class (That’s my occupational hazard.) I had to get him to change his clothes.

Every student had to bring to class, a basket with water, snacks and a set of clothes to change into, for emergencies like this.

I took the basket bearing his name and fished out his clothes.

“Is this your dress?” I asked him.

“No.” He replied.

I double-checked the name on the basket. “Is this not your basket? It has your name on it.”n3FWskY

“Yes, that is my basket.”

“Then, this must be your dress, right?” I asked getting exasperated as I held out a pair of boy’s clothes.

He put me to shame with his next clever words:

No. That is not a DRESS. That is shorts and shirt. Only girls wear dresses.

Story by Asha. Written by Gulsum Basheer @talkalittledo.


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3 Responses to Kindergarten Activity.

  1. Anne Chia says:

    Smarty pants indeed 🙂

  2. TBM says:

    a clever boy indeed.

  3. Anu Ganesh says:

    Haha!! Smart Kiddo!

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