Two Cute Stories – Ready Wit

nEsZV5SA grandchild is a women’s delight. More so if the imp had the gift of the gab.

My grandson though only four years old was quick with his retorts and repartees. Some of his instant replies have filled me with surprise and delight. Even if I had racked my brains for hours on end, I could not have come up with better responses than he did.

Once at lunch, we were having fried fish. He was a little clumsy. Reaching across the table to pick up the sauce bottle, he tipped and overturned the water-glass. All the water spilt into his plate.

My son gave an exasperated exclamation and looked at him angrily.

The child  knew that he had erred. Not meeting his dad’s eyes, he replied:

Daddy, the fish is swimming in the water!”

Here is another one of his quick comebacks:

My grandson also loved to play at make-believe games. Sometimes he was an ice-cream seller, sometimes he sold fast-food. At other times he had a “Book and CD Store.” He would spread my son’s books and CD covers on the table and pretend it was a shop and he, the sales person. I invariably ended up as his sole customer.

Once, halfway through our make-believe shopping, the little one ran away to attend to an emergency call of nature.oecVT3Q

When he came back, I teased him.

“What is this Mr. Shop-Keeper, you left your goods unattended. What if some miscreants had tried to loot your shop?”

Without pausing for a second, the clever fellow quipped:

“Madam, we have CCTV on all the walls in our shop. We would have identified the thief immediately.”

Story By: Soudha. Written By Gulsum Basheer@talkalittledo


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7 Responses to Two Cute Stories – Ready Wit

  1. M J Manimaran says:

    Children ( especially GRAND Children ), born post 2000, are ” very smart, highly intelligent,
    and tech savvy” . Much more, their presence of mind, and sharp responses, are phenomenal.
    On our flight, from Chennai to Bangalore, as the plane landed, my wife excitedly informed our
    grand daughter ( then 2 1/2 yrs ) the ” landing was smooth” she quickly shouted ” The Pilot did
    a good job “, much to the amazement of co-passengers. On another occasion, while describing
    the movement of a worm, my wife ( underestimating her grand-daughter’s vocabulary )
    was moving her fingers to describe the same. Pat came the reply , Paaty you mean ” crawling “.
    These days, we elders ( in our sixties ) have to be intelligent and always alert, to interact with
    our grand-children, to win their esteem and recognition. Love to the budding children.

  2. Thanks for your comment M J Manimaran. You grand daughter sounds pretty smart. You must share more stories about her on talkalittledo. Looking forward to your contribution in the ‘darndest things children say’

  3. Asiya Omar says:

    Thanks for sharing the cute stories..

  4. TBM says:

    Ah, a born businessman. I think he’ll go far in life.

  5. Rumaanah says:

    Haha.. the kid knows what he’s doing. Cute fella !

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