Father Forgive Me.

Can you forgive your father if he deserts you for ten long years? This prodigal father finds that his child does not.

ID-10025365My aunt whom we called  Mami was born after six boys.

When she was a baby, her father, (my grand –father) went to Sri Lanka on business and did not come back for ten years.

In those days, the men from the southern states of India went to Myanmar, Malaysia and Sri Lanka and started a business there. Many of them fared well.

My grand father was not so lucky. He met with failure after failure. He gave up the idea of running his own business and worked in a factory. But he refused to come back to India as a loser.

After ten long years, my father who was twenty-five years old by then, located my grand father with the help of his friends in Sri Lanka and talked him into coming home.

It was a great day for the family. The prodigal father returning home!ID-100225494My aunt who had never seen her dad was the most excited.  She kept imagining what her father would look like. She had seen the fathers of her schoolmates and thought her father would be like one of them.

When their father arrived, her excited brothers brought their sister forward and introduced her to the man who had sired them.

The ten year old was shocked on seeing the geriatric whom people told her was her father.

He was tired, weary, guilty and above all very OLD.

Being the seventh child, her father had been in his fifties when she was born. These ten years of failure and loneliness had aged him even more.

Looking at the elderly person before her, my aunt hid behind her brothers and refused to come to her parent.

She started crying.

“This is not my father. I have seen my friend’s dads. They are all young. This is some sick old man. You are all cheating me.”

She needed a lot of convincing before she would accept the fact that this was indeed her father.

Even then, she never bonded with her father though he lived with the family for many years after that.

She always claimed that her six brothers who adored her were more like a father to her than the ancient man in her house whom every one called FATHER.

Story By : IM – Written By : Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo

Photo Credit:africa@freedigitalphotos.net

Photo Credit : olovedog@freedigitalphotos.net



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5 Responses to Father Forgive Me.

  1. TBM says:

    wow that would be tough on all sides. I feel for the daughter, brothers, and father

  2. ksbeth says:

    a beautiful story and it lends itself to the idea of different perspectives of the same situation. a child saw it through her eyes and a father saw it through his own eyes. there was a world of misunderstanding somewhere in between.

  3. Anne Chia says:

    What a lovely story! Poor child. And the man! The man must have felt like a failure; who doesn’t want validation from their children?

  4. Suzy Chang, Beijing says:

    I feel equally sorry for the old gentleman and the little girl. Life is strange, much stranger than fiction.

  5. This story made me teary eyed… at the same time I am happy that these human sentiments were shared, as it helps us empathise with friends colleagues and acquaintences who may have been through similar experiences.

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