My Son Is Getting Married.

n Indian mother is packing her bags to attend the wedding of her son, to a German girl, in USA. What are her feelings?

My son is getting married in USA. To a girl from Germany.

An Indian marrying a German in the American soil. How the world has shrunk!

My only son went to America as an Engineer. His job took him there and kept him there. My husband and I visited him once a year.9560990-india-flag-map-and-buttons--vector

Every time we broached the subject of marriage, he would brush aside all talk about it by saying, “Too early and still time enough for that.”

After my husband died, I asked him to settle down and get married. Then he told me that he wanted to marry this Amelia or Camellia (I forget the name) who was his colleague.

I am a simple Indian woman and I had wanted a nice Indian Bahu (Daughter-in-law) with whom I can relate to. I made the usual protests.

Me: “She will not suit you.”

My Son: “Oh yes, she will. She reminds me so much of you.”

Me: “She will not make a good homemaker. She cannot cook or maintain a house.”

My son:  “She will. She is learning Indian cooking and maintains the house well. (Has she already moved in with him?) She reminds me so much of you.”10622789-statue-of-liberty-and-usa-flag

Me:  “I wanted many children but had only you. I want many grand children.”

My son:  “She wants to have many children too.”

Me: “I am such a religious person. She is probably an atheist.”

My Son:  “She makes me take her to all the Indian temples here.”

I ran out of protests. My son concluded by saying:

“Mom, I fell in love with her because she reminds me so much of you!”

So my son is getting married and I am flying to America next month.

My son made me talk on the phone to this girl, who reminded him so much of me. So we talked but not much.

I asked her what she wanted from India.mqyCvHw

She said: “I want an elephant and a monkey.”

I hope she meant an elephant and a monkey replica and not the real thing.

Air India will not allow it.

My bags are packed. I bought a lovely carving of an elephant in wood, polished to dazzling brightness.

mq2y1fmAs for the monkey, she just will have to do with ME.

A nice big disappointed She-Monkey from India who according to my son reminds him so much of her!

Or is it Vice versa?

Story By : C. Amma – Written By : Gulsum Basheer @talkalittledo

Photo Credit :

Photo Credit :

Photo credit: sakshi_sharma / / CC BY-NC-SA

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17 Responses to My Son Is Getting Married.

  1. Saraamma Koshy says:

    Ms. Gulsum, you have written this article so beautifully I am reminded strongly of R.K. Narayan. God Bless the mother, the son and the monkey-loving foreign bride!!! Please assure the worried lady that multi-cultural marriages can sometimes work better than taken-for-granted arranged marriages. One of my colleagues, a typical gentleman from Kerala, married a lady from a tiny, isolated village in the Phillipines. Today, the lady is such a whiz at making all his favourite dishes that his family and friends buy fish and give it to her to prepare the Kerala way! (Also, she is beginning to look like an Indian as well!) True love conquers all, including mother-in-law’s concerns!

  2. sheilamanimaran says:

    It is atypical story of most of the mothers who send their children abroad. Anyway the son got approval by playing the theme, ” She is just like you mom.” Very very clever play on her emotions. Love these kind of global marriages.

  3. I fully understand the feelings of that mother as my own mom faced a similar situation and believe me … it is shattering ! It takes a lot of courage for an Indian mother to accept a foreign bahu as there is little possibility that the bahu will ever take care of her. Once the charm of the Indian food, culture, music etc fades…it s a totally different story !

  4. TBM says:

    The world is indeed getting smaller and smaller. I wish the couple well and I hope the mother and daughter-in-law are able to connect.

  5. Asiya Omar says:

    Its a big disappointment for the typical Indian mothers..What to do!

  6. Ejaz Ahmed says:

    I am tempted to at least play a prank on my mom 😛 Just to see how she reacts.

  7. Anne Chia says:

    I didn’t want the story to end! I wonder if the Bahu was anything like her future mother-in-law? Are they getting along? 🙂

  8. HI, Ms.Basheer, go with hope. don’t u know, you get what u think. All the best; she is also going to be nervous 😉

  9. babli says:

    humorous ..

    waiting to read more post landing in the USA 😉

  10. Hi Babli. Thank you for commenting on this story. I am also waiting for the mother to return to hear more about the wedding and her Bahu.

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