At Work – April Fool

13993071-set-of-happy-doctor-and-a-veterinarian-with-a-folder-and-a-stethoscope-in-white-and-green-gown-smiliA Rose is a Rose is a Rose? No, not on April Fools’ Day!

I was working as a junior doctor at the Government Hospital at Chennai, in the Nephrology Unit. My chief was a dynamic person whom we all referred to fondly by his initials, JRR. He was as well-known for his clinical expertise as he was for his charisma. He treated everyone, from the ward boy to the nurses, to the students and the three assistants under him, with equal friendliness.

No doubt he cared for us. But he also played an occasional prank on us.

Once I came early to the ward as I had a little writing work to complete. I was at my desk filling in some forms when I noticed a single rose on my table. It was an Edward Rose, light pink in colour, the kind Indian ladies loved to wear in their hair. I thought it might have fallen off someone’s plait and probably some good soul had placed it on my table to save it from getting crushed under foot.

A few minutes later JRR walked to my table and we wished each other ‘Good Morning.’ He asked me some work related questions and then without going to his table, he watched me at work.

After some time he looked at the flower on my table and said, “Nice Rose.”


Oh, yes,” I replied writing quickly, hoping to complete before JRR started his ward rounds.

He picked up the flower and smelt it and said, “Nice smell.”

“Oh!” I muttered and continued with my writing.

JRR would not move away but stood at my desk, drumming his fingers on it.

He picked up the flower once more and took a whiff saying, “The fragrance of a rose is really divine, no? It brings back so many pleasant memories.”

12841577-doctor-cartoon-character-man-in-uniform-with-first-aid-kit-and-head-mirror-vectorWhat’s wrong with him”, I wondered but said jokingly, “Sir, you are in a very poetic mood today.”

I love the scent of roses” he said and went back to his seat.

I finished my writing, put away the pen and leaned back in my chair.

The rose was still on my desk. I picked it and brought it near my nose, meaning to inhale its full fragrance like JRR had done.

What I got instead was a full blast of foul tobacco stench.


The pollen of the rose had been spiked with the malodorous snuff powder. The odor was so offensive that I gave a loud big sneeze.

I heard a snigger and looked up to see JRR at his desk laughing at the distortions in my face.

He had done it. He had planted that rose on my desk to play a prank on me. He pointed his finger at the calendar on the wall as he mouthed the words, “April Fool”

My eyes fell on the calendar.

It was April 1st.

I had fallen hook line and sinker for his prank, as did the others on whom he tried the same trick that day. He later told me that he had held his breath every time he had pretended to smell the roses.

What a doctor! What a man!

Story By : SBA – Written By : Gulsum Basheer.

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6 Responses to At Work – April Fool

  1. says:

    Great story, had a good laugh. So when not going about saving peoples lives, Doctors are upto such fun I guess.

  2. Asiya Omar says:

    Nice Doctor ! Naughty JRR. !

  3. M.Johny Manimaran says:

    A top-notch professional, a dedicated Doctor, is also a fun loving Human at the core of his heart, is well brought out throgh the prank played by JRR. All Fool’s Day Or not, all of us need such occasions, to sustain our sense of humour and love for fun, despite the age barrier. Happy Day to All.
    M Johny Manimaran

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a funny April Fool story….I’ll have to come up with something good for the day…hmmm…;)

  5. TBM says:

    He sounds like a wonderful man. I love people who show all people love and respect. And he had a sense of humor. That’s fantastic! Too many people take life so seriously. It’s important to laugh, even in the workplace.

  6. JRR definitely put a smile on all the April fools!! Nice touch from a senior doctor!

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