All Ears


PR_044-_SI_-_30_08_12-108Children have unique thought processing. Sometimes, the things they say really astonishes us.

My two and half-year old daughter recently said something and every time I think of it, it puts the biggest smile on my face. 

She is at that stage where her vocabulary is expanding rapidly and as parents, my husband and I wanted to enhance it.

 We decided to teach her what her ‘Abbu’  (father) and ‘Mamma’ did for work.

So, she learnt that Abbu is a doctor and Mamma is an engineer, which she pronounced as ‘engi-ear’.

On every opportunity, to show off her vocabulary to visiting friends or to grandparents on Skype, we would ask her what each of us did to which she would mechanically say:6458321-phonendoscope-stethoscope-isolated-on-white-background

 ‘ Abbu is a doctor ‘ and ‘ Mamma is an engi-ear ‘.

We assumed she was just parroting us. 

One evening, when I was brushing her teeth in preparation to put her to bed, I casually asked her what she wanted to be when she became a big girl.

 Initially I got typical answers like ‘fairy’ or ‘princess’.

To steer her in the right direction, I hinted if she wanted to be a doctor like her Abbu or engineer like Mamma,

She instantly replied ‘When I become big I be doctor like Abbu’.

 My husband overheard this and was beaming in the background. Being a daddy’s girl, the answer didn’t surprise me,

 But I didn’t want to be beaten, so questioned her further:

 ‘Why do you want to be a doctor, why not an engineer?’7643618-smiling-baby-with-headphone

My two and a half-year old thought for a couple of seconds and nonchalantly said:

” I already engi-ear….because I already got Ear.”

I didn’t know whether to hug her with pride for her little thought processing or laugh out loud at her innocence.

Guess I did both. 

Story Contribution : Riyan Aiysha.

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Photo Credit : By stockimages, published on 26 October 2012

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