Two Delightful Stories – Adorable Kids.

4614830-little-girl-with-green-apple-isolated-on-white-backgroundStory 1:

This three-year-old wanted her uncle to give her a playmate soon. Like on his wedding day itself.

My granddaughter was a precocious three-year-old. She was exceptionally smart and my husband and I adored her.

But the pampered child soon got bored of playing with just two aged, though indulgent grand parents.

She longed for a young playmate closer to her age.

Since my busy doctor daughter and her husband were not going to oblige her with a sibling, I told her that when my son (her uncle) got married he would get a baby, who would play with her.

Then my son’s marriage was fixed. My precious midget was the most excited about it. On the day of the wedding she hogged as much of the limelight as the bride and groom.

The wedding was conducted with much fan fare. The 500 plus guests had a good time.  Slowly one by one, the people left the marriage hall, after the ceremonies were concluded and the sumptuous feast was 6425423-playing-baby-is-on-abdomen-and-white-backgroundconsumed. Only a few of my very close relatives were hanging around, waiting for us to wind up.

The bride and groom alighted from the dais where the rituals had taken place and joined us for lunch. On seeing them step into the dining area, my grand-daughter started weeping.

“Where is the baby? Where is the baby?” 

No one could understand what she meant.

“What? What baby?” We asked each other.

I too could not deduce the reason behind her distress. I took my teary-eyed grand child aside and gently questioned her,

“Baby? What baby are you asking for?”

Her reply has become the butt of all jokes in my family :

“Granma, you said that when mama (uncle) gets married, he would get a baby to play with me. He is married now.”

She sobbed.

So, where is the baby?”


Story By : TMR – Written By : Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittled0

16583539-little-boy-with-a-yellow-helmetStory 2 :

When your son is racing ahead in the kindergarten track events, it is best to keep your excitement under check.

When my friend’s son Santosh was in his LKG, I attended his kindergarten school sports day with his mother.

First there was a walk-past, where all the students went round the ground in rows of three, like a military parade. Only instead of marching , they walked.

The running race for each section was next. Santosh and a bunch of his class boys, stood in line and when the teacher blew the whistle, they started to run. Santosh ran pretty fast and was way ahead of the others. His mother was so excited to see her son progressing this well, that she jumped up from her chair. She cheered and waved and shouted, “Come on Santosh. Come on Santosh..’

The little boy hearing his mother’s voice explicitly above the rest of the noise looked in her direction.  Hearing the words “Come on,” he thought that she was calling out to him. He left the track and ran to her.

He lost the race of course.

His poor mother rues it to this day, because we never let her forget it. Every time we see Santosh we say, “Come on Santosh, Come on Santosh,”  even though Santosh is 27 years old now. He and his lovely wife have a baby of their own.

Hope they do not make the same mistake when their child runs on his kindergarten sports day!17307485-smiling-sun-vector-illustration

Story By : Eswari Mani – Written By : Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo


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6 Responses to Two Delightful Stories – Adorable Kids.

  1. Asiya Omar says:

    Kutty Chutties..Very Interesting..Wow! Asathureenga Mami.

  2. Angela Grant says:

    Very funny….You never know what goes on in those little brains. 🙂

  3. ladyredspecs says:

    Children are so innocent

  4. TBM says:

    Oh both stories are wonderful!

  5. Anne Chia says:

    Hahaha! “Where is the baby”. Children are the best!

  6. lifekadrama says:

    This is the way kids are. nice stories.

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