Married Indian – Honeymoon in the Alps.

my-paradise_lSome go on their honeymoon, soon after marriage. Some go a little late. Some go very much later. Like twenty-five years later

It was the final year of college. Whenever our group had some free time (which was quite a lot, BTW) the talk would invariably move on to marriage and probable honeymoon destinations.

In those days, it was the custom in my family to get the daughters married soon after under graduation.

I must have watched “Sound of Music” a 100 times, so  I was obsessed with the idea of a Honeymoon in the Alps. Being over-confident of its possibility I asked my friends what gifts I could get them.

Talk of counting chickens before they are hatched!

The simple girl in our group asked for the best Swiss chocolates, the two beauty conscious lasses, wanted cosmetics while the jolly one laughingly settled on sexy, black lingerie.

Man proposes and God disposes!

I came to know the verity of the statement first-hand. Early pregnancy, financial loss, children’s education, daughter’s marriage, everything came one after another in quick succession. I was sucked into the quagmire of mundane domesticity.

The Alps remained too high and too distant for me.

Time and tide wait for no man. Time flew and twenty-five years later, my son was studying in London and we decided to visit him. My husband casually suggested that we go on an European tour  too. You could have knocked me down with a feather. My dream honeymoon after 25 years!

The long wait made the trip sweeter. Travelling across the Alps was more breathtaking than I had ever imagined. What made my cup of joy overflow was the inclusion of  nine European cities in the trip.

When the tour operator asked for  our choice of music to play in the vehicle, I promptly replied “Sound of Music,” imagining myself as Julie Andrews, prancing along the grassy slopes, as I had dreamt countless times before.

The songs began: Do Re Me, Raindrops on Roses, Edelweiss and finally the tender sweet:

“Nothing comes from nothing,

Nothing ever could.

Somewhere in my youth or childhood,

I must have done something good.”

And I believed that the song was sung just for me. My tears of happiness started flowing freely.

After wrapping up the sightseeing, it was time to shop. I remembered my friends and their respective requests. Twenty-five years had elapsed and yet it seemed like yesterday!want-one-2_l

But reality struck me like a ton of bricks!

The friend who had wished for Swiss chocolates had met with an unfortunate end. The two girls who had wanted cosmetics had settled abroad, having access to the latest brands, while my  friend, who had desired lacy lingerie, had just lost her husband!

I cried again.

I cried for the friend who had died and I cried for the friend who had lost her husband.

 And this time, the tears which flowed had a different taste!

Story Contribution: Fahmida Irfan. Chennai.

Photo credit: christianmeichtry / / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: MarcelGermain / / CC BY-NC-ND

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16 Responses to Married Indian – Honeymoon in the Alps.

  1. mvshan1 says:

    It does seem like yesterday ,doesn’t it. Time has flown. Now I am too old for the amount of make up that I would like to put on. Great story Fahmida and very touching too.

  2. Nabs says:

    Maam i just don’t knw Where do i start from. I’m mesmerized by d innocence and simplicity of it. Trust i hv no control over my tears. Every word touched my heart and i felt d emotions hidden in it. Excellent blog Maam. U should consider writing books . U have a way of playing with words ur very artistic in laying them. Masha’Allah keep up d good job. Waiting for ur next pc . All d very best Maam .

  3. Maria says:

    I keep reading it over and over again. It’s brilliant. Will be waiting to read your next piece.

  4. TBM says:

    A wonderful story full of happiness and sadness.

  5. Radha, Abu Dhabi says:

    I fully agree with Nabs.
    I can recognise all of us.

  6. Eswari Mani says:

    Lovely piece of writing Fahmida …it’s a tribute to friendship …

  7. samreen says:

    very touching

  8. Asfia Ehsan says:

    Such a short article, yet shows the true you… Romantic, emotional, dutiful, loving, considerate n most of all, patient! You are a woman of substance…you are my role model!

  9. Asiya Omar says:

    Nice sharing..finally sad..very touching.

  10. Ambreen Tabrez says:

    Truly an amazing experince.

  11. Madhu says:

    I see a touch of O Henry’s ‘Gift of the Magi” in this story 🙂 Beautifully crafted Gulsum. Sad that Fahmida couldn’t share her joy with her friends.

  12. restlessjo says:

    This is beautiful! Life, hey? I can recount a few tragedies too.
    Which 9 cities, or are they the subject of future posts? Many thanks for following mine.

  13. Zubi says:

    Really nice… I’m not so emotional but it did touch my heart. Very happy that even after so many years of marriage,you were able to keep things in mind which were just a topic of discussion during college days. Hope all of us get a friend like you. Beautiful memories in the form of a short story.

  14. Anonymous says:

    U deserve d very best…so much I have to learn from u.😇😙

  15. Lakshmi Subramanian says:

    Lovely article very poignant/ an eye opener to live each day to the fullest. Love your style of writing. Cheers Fahmida

  16. Shamala says:

    Life’s experiences,some sweet some sad, beautifully described Fahmida. A heart piece indeed!

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