The Bravest Rabbit In Class.

Children have a mind of their own. Even if they are just three year-old kindergarten kids.

My nephew was taking part in his Kindergarten Parent’s Day Event. My sister was very excited about it. He was her only child, born after many years of marriage and was the apple of every one’s eyes.

Twenty kindergarten kids from his class were to come dressed in different costumes and speak a one-line dialogue before a small audience of students and their parents.

My sister decided to send her son as a Rabbit as she thought it would be cute and suitable for a three-year-old.

My excited sibling went to great lengths to make the fluffy dress and the cap with pink floppy ears.

The line he had to say was “I am a rabbit. I go hippity hop, hippity hop.” She even taught him a hopping motion to perform along with it.

His kindergarten class teacher trained all the infants, everyday in class. My sister also coached my nephew at home till he was perfect. The Rabbit Fever was contagious and all of us were repeating ‘hippity hop, hippity hop’, every time we saw the boy.

The great day arrived. The children were dressed in their costumes. The anxious parents were seated in the hall waiting for the event to begin

The curtains went up. The tiny tots came forward, one by one in ingenious attires, painstakingly put together by their loved ones and spoke their lines. Some said it well. Some forgot and kept blinking piteously and had to be prompted by the teacher.

Then it was my nephew’s turn. The little one came to the front and started “I am a rabbit.” Then he paused. My sister and her husband held their breath, waiting for the boy to finish his lines. Their hands waited in readiness to applaud their progeny’s first public performance.

“I am a rabbit,” he began again and then raising his hands in a big wave he concluded, “I have no fear, I have no fear, I have no fear at all.”

The whole assembly burst into loud laughter and thunderous applause. Who would not love a fearless rabbit? Except perhaps, his parents!

They understood the reason for their child’s mix up when the next boy took the platform. He came dressed as Bharatiyar, the Revolutionary Tamil Poet and recited the bard’s famous lines: “I have no fear, I have no fear, I have no fear at all.”

My sister later told all of us at home:  

“It is my fault. I should not have seen just to the cute factor. A boy, would rather be portrayed as fearless, than go hopping about on stage as a bunny rabbit.”

And hugging her shamefaced son to her, she asked:

Next time, you want to go as a Policeman or as Superman?”

Stor By: Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo


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4 Responses to The Bravest Rabbit In Class.

  1. Asiya Omar says:

    Very Smart, Now -a-days Children are smarter than us …

  2. Always better to let the boys be either superheroes or someone daring. No doubt kids are way smarter than us.

  3. TBM says:

    Oh, how adorable! I bet he was a fearless rabbit!

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