The Newly Married Indian – Married Bachelor.

man-and-women-icon-10019966Married but without wife. It took this bridegroom three months to consummate  his marriage? What happened?

This happened to a boy near my house, a few years ago.

This boy’s wedding had been fixed a year earlier. But unfortunately three days before his wedding day, he came down with chicken pox.

The boy belonged to an orthodox family where chicken pox was considered a manifestation of a Goddess. In such a household, people observe many religious restraints when the disease affects someone.

The boy’s family did not know if they could conduct the wedding under the circumstances. They consulted the priest officiating at the temple of their family deity.

They were told that they could go ahead with the wedding. It was decided by the elders that the boy would tie the thaali (wedding thread) around the girl’s neck. Then the couple would go to the boy’s house where the girl would light the ceremonial lamp in the prayer room.

Then the girl would go back to her own house. After the boy was well and the stipulated time period had lapsed, he could bring his wife to his house.

This idea was acceptable to everyone. The bride and groom stayed in their respective houses and counted the days to when they could consummate their wedding.

Two days before the date, which was fixed for the boy to get his wife home, the boy’s mother came down with the same viral infection, chicken pox.diwali-card-10053174

Can you imagine the couple’s disappointment at having their wedding night postponed by another month?

Wait. The story does not end there. After the groom’s mother was well, they consulted an astrologer and fixed a good day to bring the girl to her husband’s house.

Yet again fate played a trick on them.

This time the varicella zoster virus struck the boy’s father who came down with chicken pox.

We neighbours who heard the story, did not know whether to laugh or feel sorry for the boy.

It was a good three months before the boy and the girl could be united. The boy was a good sport. To everyone who ragged him about his long wait to get his wife, he would laugh and say:

“I am married, yet a bachelor.”

PS: The couple are happy now and have a three year old daughter. Hope he has given her chicken pox vaccination,

Story By: Hyroon Abbas –  Written By: Gulsum Basheer@talkalittledo

By digitalart,

By Simon Howden



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8 Responses to The Newly Married Indian – Married Bachelor.

  1. Haja says:

    Glad about the follow up..daughter and all that.

  2. TBM says:

    Oh the poor couple, but it all paid off. Thanks for sharing such a delightful story.

  3. Enjoyed reading this one…

  4. Thanks Geetashree. Sweet of you to stop by and read my stories. There are lots more from where this came from..

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  6. malathi says:

    Aunty, u r also putting into good use the medical knowledge transferred by your 3 doctor sons..

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