The Newly Married Indian – Engagement and First Inspection.

24028431-couple-embracing-for-card-cover-for-weddings-parties-valentine-s-dayAfter the engagement, the boy and girl want to spend time together. But what happens when there are prying eyes around.

In 2004, when my wedding was fixed, my parents and my fiancé’s parents did not broadcast the news for a few months. Many in our family circle and among our friends were not aware that our wedding had been finalized.

But that did not deter my then-fiancé-now husband from taking me out to lunch at an expensive hotel. We were seated at a cozy nook. As ours was an arranged marriage, my fiancé and I were meeting alone for the first time. I was trying to look and sound great.

As we sat eating, a man in the table opposite ours, kept staring at me. He would not take his eyes off me. Since I was trying to create a good 20901738-the-vector-illustration--cocktailimpression with my fiancé, I did not want to bring that man’s action to his notice. As my fiancé was facing me and his back was towards the opposite table, he did not see the culprit at all.

I tried to ignore that man’s scrutiny. I tried to give him haughty looks. Nothing worked. The man in the opposite table was up to no good. He just had the most horrible expression on his face. He was gawking at me.

Finally the meal concluded. I was glad to be able to get away from the presence of the horrible man who gave me creeping feelings.

As we moved out, my fiancé glanced at the man in the opposite table and stopped in his tracks.  Holding out his hands to him, my fiancé exclaimed,

“Oh, Hi Mama (uncle). You here! I did not see you before.

Then we were introduced. That man was his mother’s cousin who was very surprised to learn that we were engaged. The uncle’s incorrigible reply was:

“Fiancée? That is Okay then. I thought you were up to no good, bringing girls alone to expensive restaurants.”

 After our wedding, I meet that intimidating uncle, quite often.

I am happy to say that he is not a bad guy at all!

Story by:Mariam. Written by: Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo

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