Newly Married Indian – Engagement and Enjoyable Encounters.

nZuxeI8After their engagement this ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ want to hang out together. But his grand father will have none of it. But they find a way out of the dilemma.

Mine was an arranged marriage. Soon after we were engaged my fiancé and I were dying to hang out together. My fiancé’s grand father was a veteran of the old school of thought who warned him  “no meeting or cheating…..till the wedding.”

My family also initially went along with the senior’s wish and put a ban on our rendezvous.

We were in a dilemma but not for long

When there is a will, there is a way, right?

Mobile phones were just taking the world by storm then and it came to our aid. We sent surreptitious messages to each other. (He got my number through his little cousin who acted as our envoy) We hatched big plans and carried them out as if they were army secrets.

The plan was this. I was to come shopping to “Spencer’s Plaza” and accidentally bump into my fiancé who would be there supposedly to meet a friend! LOL.

We put our plan into action. I told my family that I wanted to look at some clothes in the mall.

My mother and sister accompanied me, as they would not let me go out alone in the late evening. My fiancé was working through the day and could not make it in broad daylight when I could have easily slipped out alone to meet him on the sly.

My two gullible relatives bought my story that I wanted to go trousseau shopping only at this mall.

On any other day I would have just worn my cotton kurta with jeans or a mis matched salwar set without a dupatta to go shopping. Since this was the second time my fiancé would be seeing me, I came all decked up. Yes to impress!

My sister gave me a quizzical look as I got into the car in my fancy attire, with dangling ear drops  and matching hand bag, my face flushing with excitement and pink blush-on.

When we reached the mall, I pretended to window shop. We

meandered along looking at saree outlets and boutiques, my heart beating excitedly.  Eventually we reached Landmark bookstore. I casually sauntered in and my sister and mom followed me, wondering what a bride would want to buy in a bookshop.naQ0Zpc

Then my fiancé stepped out from behind the bookshelves where he had been waiting and keeping vigilance.

And we accidentally bumped into each other!

You should have seen the expression on my mother’s and sister’s faces. PRICELESS!

My betrothed like a good boy feigned surprise. “Hey I came here to meet my friend. What a pleasant surprise!”

Did my sister buy that story? Naaaaaah!

She ragged me for days afterwards and told every one, “ I was wondering why she was all dolled up, just to go shopping. Now I know.”

My mom was in a dilemma. She had to invite my intended home and he readily obliged and accompanied us.

From that day onwards, he was a regular fixture in our residence every evening.

Did his grandfather find out?

No. His mother was a cool woman. My clever man took her into his confidence and begged her to be his ally. The sweet lady made the excuses to her father for her son’s continued absence from home, almost every evening.

Apparently the patriarch is purported to have said:

A soon-to-be- bridegroom should not be roaming around like this. It is NOT good. He looks very handsome now. People will cast eyes on him.”

Story By:MFH. Written by Gulsum Basheer @talkalittledo.


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