Smart Kid


Shell Shocked:

My sister in law would walk her four-year-old son to his kindergarten school every day. They would pass a house where there was a pet dog. Everyday the boy would ask for a pet animal to keep in his house and my sister in law
would say ‘no’.

Once when his demand for a pet animal became too strong, she told him firmly

“We have a tank with fishes. That is your pet.”

“But mummy, I want a pet with legs” said her son plaintively.

My sister in law explained to him that she was very busy at home and she would not have time to look after a pet animal running about and dirtying the house.

Her son was quite for some time. Then what he said stunned his mother.

“Mummy we can get a TURTLE.  It has legs. We can keep it in the fish tank and it will NOT run about dirtying the house.”

  mlCuF6qWhite Truth:

My mother is 75 years old. Though she has a lot of hair even now, it has turned completely white. Recently she had gone to the US to my brother’s house. His sons aged 4 years and 11 years were very excited to have her with them.

They were seeing her after along time and they were fascinated with everything she said and did.

For breakfast my sister in law made omelets using only the white of the eggs, as my mother’s cholesterol levels were high. Seeing the discarded egg yolks, my four-year-old nephew asked his mother with wonder and

“Are you using the whites alone because grandma has only white hair?”

Story and writing by: Gulsum Basheer@talkalittledo.

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