The Story Of The Angry Grandmother

nCXFR7IHell hath no fury than a woman whose grandson was scorned.

This happened to a girl I knew, some years ago, in a non-descriptive south Indian village. 

The girl, lets call her Amudha, was in the fifth standard. She was a bright girl, cheerful and friendly.

There was this boy in her class who developed a crush on her. He talked to her often and one day, he gave her a slip of paper with the words “I love you” written on it.

The brat also told her “I will marry you, when I grow up”

Amudha immediately complained to the teacher. The teacher should have dealt with the problem in a softer way, considering they were just kids. But she made a big ruckus  about it. The boy was scolded harshly. Then she made the kid kneel outside the door for half a day. 

That evening the youngster went crying home. He had no parents and lived with his grandparents. His grand mother doted on him. When old lady heard her grand son’s story and the punishment meted out to him, all hell broke loose.

Delirious with anger, she barged into class the next day.

There was a melee of sorts between the old lady and the  class teacher. Harsh words were exchanged. The grandmother maintained that the boy was too young to understand the magnitude of his actions.

The hysterical woman asserted that the teacher had been wrong to shame her grandson in front of the whole school while the teacher stood her ground and said that this was to be an example for other boys who might be tempted to do the same.

Suddenly in this mayhem, the grandmother spied Amutha who was the cause of all this trouble.ID-10034436

“Are you the girl my grand son wants to marry? So be it”, she said and suddenly removing her thalli (yellow marriage thread) from her neck, put it around Amudha’s neck.

“There now, you are married to my grand son,” she said triumphantly and walked out of school.

What happened afterwards was utter pandemonium. 

The boy was dismissed from school. Amudha’s parents fearing for her safety, removed the yellow thread from her neck and left it at the village temple. Then they packed her bag and baggage and shifted her to Chennai to a relative’s house.She never went to school ever again.That was how Amudha’s scholastic aspirations came to naught.

This story seems straight out of an old Tamil film , right?

As for the battle-axe of a grand mother, makes us want to say: “Hell hath no fury than a woman, whose grandson was scorned.”

 Story By : Ammu. Chennai…..Written By: Gulsum Basheer.

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