Clash of the Costumes at the School Dance.


What would you do, if right in the middle of a stage show your costumeID-10051258 got entangled with your dance partner’s bangle?

I am studying in the seventh standard in a school in Chennai. Last year, our school introduced  “Smart Classes” with much fanfare.

‘Smart Classes’ means, teaching by using technology. Instead of using textbooks with the teacher droning on and on, in ‘Smart Classes’, there is a TV screen in each class. The lessons are explained in a simple way with inter active sessions using audiovisual media. It is easy to learn even tough subjects like Geography and Science this way.

In my school, this was hailed as a great break through. On the day the smart classes were officially inaugurated, we had a colorful function. The Governor of Tamil Nadu was the Chief Guest.

Parents and teachers gathered for the opening ceremony. We had dance recitals, singing and recitation by the students.

It was during the dance recital by a group of primary school kids, something funny happened.

The dance was an Indian Folk one. The girls wore elaborate costumes with a dupatta round their head in Gujarati style and jewelry, like lots of bangles and chains.ID-100254722

When the two girls in the front were twirling to a fast beat, one girl’s bangle got caught in the dupatta of her neighbor and would not come off. Even as she danced, the girl tried hard to pull her hand away. But her bangle  was well and truly caught in the embroidery work on her friend’s dupatta. So the poor girl went through only the leg movements and the left hand movements of the dance, with her right hand stuck to the head region of her neighbor. While the girl with the dupatta had her head tilted at a funny angle by her neighbour’s wrist.

It was so hilarious. The whole school and the parents laughed and laughed.

But the two brave girls danced for the whole song like conjoined twins.

Only they were joined not at the hips or shoulders, but at the wrist and head!

Story By : Parveen Dilshad…..Written By: Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:Boians Cho Joo





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