And Did The Famous Actress Die Because Of Him?

ID-100239271I have loads and loads of stories to tell about my friend B.S. He was quite naughty in school. Most of his naughtiness was harmless. But I wonder if the person who was the butt of his teasing and ragging found it so.

The story of the autographed paper is still remembered by all my classmates.

B.S. had this full scape paper, which he had folded into four. He gave the folded paper to an innocent boy Ashok Madavan (name changed) and asked for his autograph. The boy signed his name with a flourish, feeling pleased that B.S. was asking for it.

Later at home, B.S. opened out the sheet of paper and wrote down something above the signature, so that it looked like as if the boy Ashok had actually written a letter in that paper and put his signature at the end of it.

Most of us found what B.S  had written in that note, really hilarious at that time. But not poor Ashok. It made his shiver and shake with fright every time B.S. pulled it out of his pocket.

What was written in the note was this:

“I,  Ashok Madavan am solely responsible for the suicide of the famous actress Silk Smitha….”ID-10056414

What a letter it was!

B.S.had let his imagination run wild.The letter was quite long and B.S. had added interesting details of how Ashok had driven her to take the extreme step. I don’t remember many of the details.  The letter, signed by Ashok seemed like a full-fledged confession of the crime. As the said actress had just then died, the news was quite hot and on everybody’s lips. The letter of confession under the circumstances seemed only too real.

Ashok was horrified when B.S. showed him the letter and was literally in tears. He kept begging B.S. to destroy it. After the whole class had had a good laugh over it for a day or two, B.S. gave the signed confession  back to him. Ashok tore it into tiny pieces and threw it into the bin.

Just when Ashok was sighing with relief, B.S. threw another bombshell at him by saying, “Hey dude, don’t feel too much at ease. I have made Xerox copies of it.”

All though, all of us told Ashok that B.S. was just teasing him, the poor boy was never at ease with B.S. after that.

Even now I have trouble deciding if B.S. was too wicked to have tormented a fellow student like this, or just plain funny for having provided us with some of the best laughs of our school life.

Thank heavens; B.S. is using his creative genius for better purposes now.  He is at present the director of a popular show on a TV Channel.

Ashok did not fare badly either. He is an engineer working in the United States of America.

As told  by: Pinto Premnath – Written By :   Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo.


Photo Credit : rosezombie @



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