How The Monkey Became A Dog.

ID-10047253When I was studying in Fathima  College in Madurai, my friend Usha, had this absurd habit of referring to everything and anything as “monkey.” That too, she would use the Tamil word for monkey, “Korangu”

So, when she was chiding a friend she would say, “You, monkey”. When she was late for classes, she would say, “The bus came late, the monkey driving it was slow.” When she scored low marks, she would whine that the monkey (meaning the teacher) did not give her good grades. When she liked the heroine of a movie she would say, “The monkey acted well, no?” 

Her conversations were replete with the word Korangu or monkey.

Once we had gone on an excursion to a tourist spot. At noon, we all sat in a circle under a tree and opened our lunch packets amidst much chatter and laughter. Suddenly my friend exclaimed,   “S@#$#, MONKEEEEY!” (Chee …Korangu)ID-100278729

That’s all. We girls, all ten or fifteen of us, stood up in fright, holding on firmly to our packets of food, water bottles and our hand bags. We looked hither and thither and asked Usha, “Where? Where? Where is the monkey?”

Seeing the fear in our faces, Usha looked sheepish and pointed to an animal trying to get at her packet of food.

It was a DOG!!

A lean hungry stray dog had come scavenging for food. As usual Usha had referred to something affecting her as a monkey. In our fear, we girls had forgotten her habit and had really expected to be vandalized by monkeys. LOL!

Told by: Soudha Sha. Tuticorin….. Written by : Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo.

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2 Responses to How The Monkey Became A Dog.

  1. M.J. Manimaran says:

    In all probabality, the protogonist in the episode, seem to have carried the homo-sapiens strong ancestral genes, in her mental, emotional make-up, and her being strongly linked to ” monkey ” in her sub-conscious mind, made her cry out monkey , even when the creature was a stray dog in reality. Habits die hard. Monkeying around, in personal and professional lives, is still common amidst many of us, despite the age, level of education, and experiences. Typically , we have also deified and elevated ” a monkey ” to the most respectful status of a demi-god.

  2. Haja says:

    i had friend who used to refer to everthing as ” DOG.” luckily no monkey attacked him. He would have refered to it as “that dog.”

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