Ordinary Citizens in the Playground.

meT07nYI have some wonderful memories from school, and in fact, most of them bring a smile to my face whenever I think of them!

My cousin and I were both leaders in school. He was the School Pupil Leader and I was the cultural secretary and in class 12,

We had four sections, but of the eight school leaders, four of them were from our section. Every Wednesday we had the sports hour and we had to wear white canvas shoes and it had to be polished!

Being in class 12 and aiming for Medical and Engineering seats did not leave us with too much time to do the shoe polishing. The fact that we had time to go to inter school cultural competitions, win prizes and fool around is a different matter altogether. One Wednesday as fate would have it, all the guys in our class decided to come with polished  shoes, except the four, well, leaders including me! 

As leaders, you have a close working relationship with teachers and so sometimes you tend to get away with small issues, but that day, four of the school leaders were pulled out by our Physical Trainer and the whole class was having a laugh at our expense

‘So, usually, the punishment for this is two rounds of running around the ground, no?’ asked Mr Vijay Kumar while we hung our heads!

While we were all quiet, my cousin, the SPL, decided to act funny and said, ‘Sir, SPL sir,”

‘Ok SPL, then special treatment for you. You run four rounds. Come on, start running” he commanded and the SPL started on his first round.

And who are you, you and you?’ he asked looking at the  three of us.

‘Ordinary citizen sir,’ I replied

The PT Master tried to look stern but could not stop himself from laughing.mhYqbqo

‘Ok, do your things” he said, which meant that we were let off and allowed to join the other boys in their games.

‘How come you are not running’ asked the SPL, puffing and panting when he finished his first round.

‘We are all ordinary citizens’ we said and laughed.

But we boys never again came to class with unpolished shoes.

  Dr.Wasim. Chennai.

Photo Credit: http://www.rgb.com

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2 Responses to Ordinary Citizens in the Playground.

  1. Haja says:

    Looks like you ordinary citizen became a doctor. What did the guy who did the running turn out to be…a sprinter??!!

  2. Prashanth says:

    Yet another story of the exploitation of the ‘ordinary citizen’, eh? It would do good if the young doctor emuates his Physical Trainer and treats the ordinary citizen with extra care and concern.

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