The Dog-Show In School That kept Us Enthralled.


In Bain School where I studied, we had many extra-curricular activities and events, which lessened the burden of studies One such event was the Dog-Show, conducted by police personnel and their highly trained police dogs.

I can never ever forget the dog-show that took place when I was in the twelfth grade.

When we knew  there was going to be this interesting show, we gathered in the play ground.The canines were brought in front by their trainers. The dog show started with the usual items, like the dogs walking on two legs and jumping through rings.

Then a  policeman brought forward a different dog, which he claimed was the oldest and wisest of the lot.  He said that this animal was so clever that it could identify any person he asked for.

First the police trainer asked the hound to find the ‘most important’ person in the school. The dog looked at him and then around the seated students on the ground and then at the teachers seated in chairs in the sides. Lolling its tongue out, it  ran forward and stood right in front of the School Principle.

This discovery was met with resounding claps from the school and words of praise from the trainer.

The next order was to spot the second important person in the school and the dog ran towards the assistant head mistress. Each order was correctly executed. The games teacher was identified as the sports lover of the school and the peon was selected as the jack of all trades.

The trainer asked the brute who was the most beautiful lady present there. The dog selected our hand-work teacher who had an abnormally  fair complexion. (She had Oriental lineage) The whole school clapped and hooted and laughed so loud, that the teacher became redder than ever.

The last order which  ‘man’s best friend’  had to execute was to find the naughtiest student in the school.ID-10077037

A few students who were notorious for their pranks shivered with fright. In fact one girl who was vouched to be the naughtiest girl in school, crawled stealthily away and went to the very back, saying that the four-legged creature would surely haul her up  before the whole school.

The intelligent animal listened attentively as the trainer gave the instructions once more:

“Who is the naughtiest girl in the school?”

Then slowly it turned in my direction.  I froze with fear. Surely it would not anoint me as a prankster. It almost did. It jumped forward and came running towards me. No, not quite me. It stood in  the general direction of me, my best friend Anbumani and another very goody-goody frightened girl. The dog’s head was near me, and  it’s tail near the frightened girl. As the whole school hooted and whistled and the back row girls crammed their necks to see who the culprit was, we three girls were having a massive argument.

“Anbu. You better stand up. I think the dog means you” I said

“No Saira, it has selected you. You better stand up”

Then we both turned towards the other girl who had almost fainted with fear and she cried “No please, please. One of you stand up. Don’t make me do it”

My friend Anbumani, being a very sportive person, manfully stood up. She was greeted with a thunderous applause. Everyone was laughing and clapping and hooting all over again.

I must add here that my friend Anbu was a very playful girl and was the darling of the school for her witty remarks and harmless pranks. So after all,  the dog had made the right choice.

No wonder our Chennai Police Dogs are said to be among the best in India.

Story by: A.R.Saira Banu. Chennai…Written by : Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo

Photo Credit :Mister GC @

Photo Credit : vectorolie @



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2 Responses to The Dog-Show In School That kept Us Enthralled.

  1. Bhaygyalakshmi, Zimbabwe says:

    Loved the story, way to go Chennai Police!

  2. Haja says:

    I would have been scared if a police dog stood near me.

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