What is Independence Day?


My sister’s granddaughter Maysa aged 8 years had come on a visit to India from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

I took her to view the Independence Day celebrations in her cousin’s school here, in Chennai. Maysa was surprised at the word ‘Independence Day’

“What does it mean?” She asked with curiosity.” In our school in Jeddah we have Spring Day when we can wear any dress we want instead of the school uniform. We also have a ‘Profession Day’ when we dress up as doctors, bakers, nurses, policemen or pilots.  We do not have any Independence Day Celebrations in our School”

I told her: “Independence day is celebrated all over India every year on August 15th. It’s the day our country became Independent.”mmAgTNK

 Maysa persisted again, “What do you mean by Independent?

“That is the day our country became a FREE Country,” I said not knowing how else to explain Independence to an eight year old.

Her next sentence made me burst out laughing.

“You mean FREE, like in shops and malls, everything will be free. We don’t have to pay for anything?”

 Story by : A.R.Saira Banu.  Chennai ….Written by: Gulsum Basheer @ Talkalittledo

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2 Responses to What is Independence Day?

  1. Mala says:

    Isn’t she lucky – to be born free.

  2. Ejaz says:

    Adada! Nice family I say!

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