How A Naughty Boy Became An Outstanding Student.


ID-100180925My friend BS was a jolly fellow. His spontaneous repartees and clever retorts enlivened a boring class.

I can remember many instances when he made us laugh uproariously with his ready wit. But the masters did not endorse that view and thought him to be cheeky.

Once during a Moral Science period, the master was droning on and on about, ‘How our life was made up of the choices we make.”  He was trying to din it into our heads that we should always resist temptation.

It was the first hour of the day and already we were about to fall asleep with all that sermon. Seeing our blank stares the master called out to BS,

“OK, BS. Now tell me. What would you do, if someone offered you a bottle of whisky?”

The answer he was looking for was that he would refuse the liquor and say, ‘no.’ 

But my friend BS asked innocently, “Ask for soda, sir?”

I can still  recall how we brought the roof down with our laughter. No one felt sleepy after that.

Once when even we thought that BS had crossed the limit, happened like this:ID-100263170

All the boys had a ‘school diary.’ The diary contained details about the school and it’s rules, the number working days for that academic year and so forth. The most dreaded page in the diary was the ‘Teacher’s Remarks Page.” Every time we got into the master’s wrong books, our diary was taken and a remark written it. It had to be signed by our parents at home and shown to the teacher the next day.

Once we had a new teacher, in whose previous school the ‘diary’ had been called a ‘calendar.’  He persisted in calling the diary, the ‘calendar’ even in our school.

One day,  irritated with  BS for some reason, the master shouted, “Bring me  your calendar. Let me write a note to your parents.”

BS walked to the front of the class where that year’s daily calendar was hanging from a nail in the wall. He removed the calendar from the hook and offered it to the master. The master hit the roof that day. He sent BS out of the class, saying that he was unfit to be a student in a good school

BS was made to stand outside the class the whole hour.

That is how BS became an “out-standing student.”

Story by: Pinto Premnath. Chennai…Written by : Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo

Photo Credit : Mister GC @

Photo Credit:Thanamat @


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2 Responses to How A Naughty Boy Became An Outstanding Student.

  1. Ejaz says:

    BS rocks!! I hope all these turn up in movies some day! 😉

  2. Rameshwari, UAE says:

    Very funny indeed!

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