Rattled in the Hostel.


Have you had a rat sitting on you, as you slept? Eeeeks!

When I was doing my under graduation in Coimbatore, I was also staying at the college hostel. I am sorry to tell this but our hostel food sucked. So we girls would  fortify ourselves with snacks in our dorm.

Once I had a packet of Lays Chips, which I ate lying in bed. Then feeling too lazy to dispose the empty packet in the bin, I just left it beside my cot.

That night when I was deep in sleep I felt something furry brush against my face. I thought that I was dreaming. But then it started making  funny nibbling sounds. This was too real to be a dream.I was scared out of my wits and I let off a loud scream.

The whole bevy of girls in various stages of slumber were jolted awake. Soon the lights were switched on and  girls rushed to my side. What a sight met their eyes!

For there, sitting right on my chest, was an ugly big rat.

And it was feasting on Lays Chips.

I jumped up, throwing my blanket in disarray and tossing the rat into the air. It went flying like a missile and fell a few feet away and made a hurried exit.  All the girls squealed and jumped up on to  their beds. No one dared to put their feet down  on the floor for many minutes.oGGvEEY

But later, good senses prevailed and we all started giggling. I was teased a lot that night. It was the funniest day of our hostel life.

PS: The next morning we complained to the warden about our nocturnal visitor. We think she undertook some cleaning measures, for the hero of the night never returned, even though we left many scrumptious  baits around.

Story by:  Sharanya. Karur… Written by : Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo.

Photo Courtesy:http://www.rgbstock.com/

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