In College – Taking Attendance and Bringing the Register


ID-100265840When I read about the attendance fiasco in the post “Medical Marvel” on talkalittledo, I remembered a day in class when a professor did something equally obtuse.

When she took attendance, this tutor would not read out our names, as it would take too long. So she would call out our numbers, one, two, three, up to hundred. Then she would continue, one-naught-one (101), one-naught-two (102)…so forth.  We were a hundred and thirty five students in our class.

Once in some distracted state she called out our numbers like this: one-naught-eight (108), one-naught-nine (109), one-naught-ten (1010), one-naught-eleven (1011, one-naught-twelve (1012), one-naught-thirteen (1013), up to one-naught-twenty (1020), before our giggles made her aware that some thing was amiss.

Another incident that still makes a good story to talk about, when we friends meet is this:

One of our lecturers had a funny accent, and sometimes it was difficult to understand her. Once she walked into class with out bringing the attendance ‘register’.

She looked at a student and said “Bring the register from the staff room’

But the way she pronounced ‘register’ sounded like ‘Registrar’

The girl went into the staff room and seeing the ‘Registrar of the Department’  there told her, “Madam you are wanted in our class”

The erudite Registrar, thinking that something was amiss hurried into our room, followed by the girl who had gone as an emissary.

“Yes?” queried the Registrar, looking with surprise at the lady taking class for us.

“Yes?” said our Madam, looking equally surprised and nonplussed.

“You called for me?” inquired the Registrar.

“No, Madam” replied our teacher.

They both turned to the girl, who by then knew that she had blundered and did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

When the Registrar realized that she had been hauled into class in lieu of an attendance register, took it sportingly and began to laugh.

And our whole class joined in.

As told by : Priya. Coimbatore…. Written by Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo.


Photo Credit: ioshphere @



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