Sleeping Sickness


ID-10092140Something funny happened during my higher secondary year in the Zoology class. When we friends meet we still remember that and laugh over it.

We were having a lesson on the environmental factors affecting communicable diseases and modes of transmission of these diseases.

Our teacher had this habit of telling us something about the topic for the day before he let us open the text book to the relevant page and read from it.

That day he talked at length about flies and mosquitoes and how they transmitted diseases to humans. One of the flies being discussed then was the African Tsetse fly (pronounced set-zee). People bitten by the tsetse fly, succumb to an illness called the sleeping sickness Our teacher talked at length about sleeping sickness. He told us how persons affected by the tsetse fly, sleep during the day and have night-time insomnia, and hence its name. Sleeping sickness affects the nervous system and is often fatal.

When he had finished he asked, “any questions boys?”ID-100272126

A boy’s hand went up. This boy, lets call him RK, was one of the good students and not given to being naughty in class. But now I wonder if he had been affected by sleeping sickness during class.

“Yes, RK, what’s your doubt?” asked the teacher gearing up to answer an intelligent question.

“Sir” said RK in all seriousness. “any particular reason why this fly is called the SEXY fly?”

As told by : Arun. Chennai…. Written by : Gulsum Basheer @ talkalittledo.


Photo Credit :vectorolie @


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1 Response to Sleeping Sickness

  1. Anon says:

    If I had been the teacher i would have retorted ” Sexy because it keeps you awake at night”.

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