Medical College Marvel.


ID-100257223A medical college hospital is not where one would typically expect funny or humorous situations to arise. Yet some of the most hilarious moments in college history occurred in our Medical College.

We were half way through the first year of our undergraduate medical education, when there was talk about a new Assistant Professor who had joined the Physiology Department. Apparently he was quite young and had recently completed his Post graduation in Physiology. The girls were excited to have a young and dynamic teacher while the boys just could not wait to pull his leg.

One fine summer afternoon in Chennai (although many would argue a summer afternoon is never FINE in Chennai) our class had gathered in the Lecture Hall awaiting the arrival of the ‘New Ass.Prof’ for his first lecture. The lecture hall where this class was originally scheduled to take place was however unavailable due to maintenance work and we had gathered at an alternate Lecture Hall. Our new teacher took some time to find his way to this hall and was 10 minutes late. Our lectures were scheduled for an hour each. The large size of our group (we had 150 students) usually meant that the attendance session at the beginning of each lecture usually occupied about 10 to15 minutes of our lecture.

In walked our dynamic Ass.Prof primly dressed in a neat shirt, trousers, tie and a long white overcoat.

He quickly realized he was late and decided to come up with a Master Plan to shorten the duration of our roll call session. After a quick glance at the Register on the table  he did something that made us realize his true caliber. He walked to the center of the Lecture Hall with the register in one hand and called out in a booming voice “All absentees please stand up!!!”

Story by : Dr.Ashiq Zindha. Chennai… Written by: Gulsum Basheer @talkalittledo

Photo Credit:  iosphere


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  1. Asiya Omar says:

    Avvvvvvvvvvvv…enna kodumai sir ithu?

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